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Mr. Prince Charming, that is who I thought he was... 

kind, gentle, loving, until the moment I said my vows. 

The moment the vows left our mouths everything changed, he changed. The man I thought I married was nothing more than a fairy tale. 

Till death do us part we vowed. I never knew just how real that statement would become. The fight for my life started the day after our wedding. And now I am just trying to hold on.

I am just trying to survive.



When I look at her I see her innocence , her vulnerability. I see the pain in her eyes. The marks on her pale skin. I see the suffering she has endured 

I am a broken man, not a good soul. I am a criminal. But with her I must be more. I need to be more. 

I will do anything to save her.  

Till Death Do Us Part (Autographed Edition)

Expected to ship once received from publisher
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