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Author Sasha R.C.'s New Book 'Unveiled: Twist of Fate: Book 2' is a Thrilling Tale That Continues the Story of Sky and Damon, Who Must Rescue the Kidnapped Daniel. 

PRESS RELEASE  November 28, 2022

NEW YORK - November 28, 2022 - ( - Sasha R.C., an avid lover of fantasy and romance stories that includes vampires, werewolves, magic, dragons, demons, and angels, has completed her new book "Unveiled: Twist of Fate: Book 2": a gripping fantasy that follows two lovers who must prepare to save the kidnapped Daniel from the hands of the new prince of darkness.

Sky, a former half-fallen now turned human, and Damon, the previous prince of darkness, are left on their own following the abduction of Daniel. Now the prisoner of Barbas, the new prince of darkness, Sky and Damon must train together in order to save Daniel before it's too late. Despite her enthusiasm and willingness to do whatever she can to save her mate, Sky must now grapple with the fact that she is fully human and can be killed at any moment.

Facing the ultimate fight against evil, and with all their former friends abandoning them, Sky and Damon will be forced to rely on themselves to defeat the new prince and retrieve Daniel from the depths of Barbas's prison.

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Sasha R.C.'s riveting tale is the perfect blend of fantasy and romance that will captivate the hearts and imaginations of readers everywhere. Full of suspense and shocking revelations around every corner, this character-driven thrill ride will leave readers spellbound with each turn of the page, desperate for more.

Author Sasha R.C.'s New Book 'Unveiled: The Beginning: Book 1' is a Stirring Tale of a Half Fallen Angel and the Part She Plays in the Battle Between Angels and Demons

Recent release "Unveiled: The Beginning: Book 1" from Newman Springs Publishing author Sasha R.C. follows Sky Waters, a half-fallen and half-watcher who has specific orders to watch and protect until the day the prince of darkness chooses to return and fight against the angels. As the war rages on, Sky finds herself torn between two men who inexplicably have some mysterious connection to her.


NEW YORK, October 7, 2022 ( - Sasha R.C., who works to help others overcome addiction as she once did, has completed her new book "Unveiled: The Beginning: Book 1": a captivating fantasy centered around a half-breed fallen angel named Sky who is connected to the human Daniel and the prince of darkness Damon, whom Sky serves in the battle of good vs. evil.

"My name is Sky Waters," writes R.C. "I am a half-breed—half Fallen, half watcher. I was given simple orders: to observe, watch, and protect but to never intervene. I have kept to these orders for centuries, but now I can't. Everything is changing, and I am changing with it. Mother Earth is trying to hold on, but the darkness is consuming everything.

"Daniel is a human who is not meant to be a part of my world. He keeps popping up everywhere. It has been written that it is forbidden for humans to know that we exist, but Daniel is kind, gentle, pure, and, not to mention, downright hot!

"Damon is the very opposite. He is as far from human as you can get. In fact, he is the prince of darkness—the devil I have been fighting wars on opposite sides for as long as I can remember. Damon is cruel, rough around the edges, and pure evil, but there is something about him that is sexy as hell.

"I am drawn to both of them for reasons I do not understand. I can't run nor can I hide from the truth—a truth that has been hidden for centuries, a truth that might cost us everything. Nothing is what it appears to be. And so, it begins."

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Sasha R.C.'s thrilling tale will leave readers spellbound as Sky struggles with being forced to fulfill her duties under Damon's orders while harboring feelings for Daniel. Expertly paced and full of suspense, readers will find themselves on the edge of their seats until the stunning conclusion, desperate for more.

Readers who wish to experience this engaging work can purchase "Unveiled: The Beginning: Book 1" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

For additional information or media inquiries, contact Newman Springs Publishing at 732-243-8512.

About Newman Springs Publishing: 

Newman Springs Publishing is a full-service publishing house for serious authors. Each title produced by Newman Springs Publishing undergoes every step of the professional publishing process, including editing, layout, cover design, circulation, distribution, and publicity. All titles are made available in both eBook and print formats. Newman Springs Publishing distributes to tens of thousands of retail outlets throughout North America and internationally. All manuscripts in any genre are welcome to be submitted for review; If the manuscript meets the necessary criteria and is accepted for publication, Newman Springs Publishing will work closely with the author to bring the book to the retail market for a relatively inexpensive initial investment.

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